Changing Screen/view/page – Kivy Mobile and Desktop App Dev w/ Python

In part 3 of this Kivy tutorial series, we’re going to create a new page for our chat application. Once the user fills out the form for username, port, and ip, we want them to hit connect, and then connect to the server.

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  1. Vishnu Subramonian on

    Write a program in C to read the details of name, register number and marks of five subjects for 25 students, calculate the percentage and display the name, register name, marks of 25 students, percentage of all the students and also the name of the student who got highest percentage among the 25 students.

    Guys please I need answer for this

  2. Hypersonic Indian on

    I suppose you like to code in python instead of using kv lang for layout design,
    Any benefit of doing so or is it your personal taste?

  3. Alex Shirley on

    Hey I am going through your Python for Finance playlist, and I’m having some trouble. I’ve gotten to the point were BS gathers the tickers, but now it doesn’t output as a .cvs file into the folder created, and the console says Symbol Warning: Failed to read symbol: ‘MMMn’, replacing with NaN. warnings.warn(msg.format(sym), SymbolWarning) Do you have any ideas on how I could perchance fix this? Also love your videos, been working along with you and have greatly improved. Thanks!

  4. PDM Vlogs on

    Continue this please, You are the best coding teacher I ever had.
    Also please show how to export this as a apk file in another video.(I know we have to learn a lot more things before that !! LOL!!)

  5. Str Y ker on

    If i Start my App i see in terminal no errors but my window isnt Loading. Just sometimes there is kivy.c or Label. missing. I installed it many Times. on stack overflow i found nothing. Do you know ??

  6. LabGecko on

    At 4:34 the reason to keep data / design / logic separate is for re-usability & copyright, to name two reasons. Re-usability makes it easier to do themes and custom layouts. For copyright, it is great to have the data separate from logic so you can copyright & work on logic without needing a lawyer to re-negotiate usage. Also allows resale of the code platform.

  7. jossyiceberg Comedy on

    Pls santex , nice work u have done here, I commented on your previous tutorial concerning my difficulty in applying the semantics to calculate the non weighted cgpa of a student using python and tkinter, I have done all the designs, my gui and all its wifmdgets are ready, I just have some issues like converting the grade inputs into either float or int to make the formula work, pls sir I really need you to assist me with Dis pls, you can send me the code for that or better still you can make some tutorial concerning it…… The formula is grade*credit/ total credit pls help me sir, u can send it to my email,

  8. Peter Seres on

    Could you explain why you are using ‘ chat_app.screen_manager.current ‘ inside the ConnectPage.join_button() method? I would think that the ‘ chat_app ‘ does not exist in this scope and you would have to pass it in as an input. You do have instance as an input, so why not use ‘ instance.screen_manager.current = … ‘

  9. Christopher Pettersen on

    Hi there!
    Dont know why but under Clock.schedule_once(sys.exit, 10)
    I got an error on sys, had to import sys.
    Got the same issue if i copied the code plain from the website. Maybe its just my computer :p

  10. Wires Dream Disasters on

    Hey Harrison, would you be able to do a quick tutorial video on doing file drag-and-drop? I’ve got it working when using a single screen, but I’m a bit confused when trying to implement it when using a screen manager – ie; I only want drag-and-drop capabilities on certain screens. Not all of them.

  11. Esequiel Albornoz on

    Hi! love your channel!
    Did anyone know why when i type g, p, _, q, () insede textinputs, the font size change? its horrible!


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