Combining multiple datasets – Data Analysis with Python and Pandas p.5

How to go about working with multiple datasets in Python and pandas for data analysis.

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  1. Sarthak Thakur on

    We don’t deserve @sentdex. He’s the hero we didn’t ask for but needed desparately. Thanks for providing these tutorials for free instead of selling on some other MOOC platform. I’m always gonna be in your debt

  2. CowboySamurai on

    Do u know how can i create a human voice generator (not text to speech program) or atleast is there a free tool out there? I mean there has to be right people compose music from there pc and its a sound y there is not voice generator yet

  3. Machine Learning with Phil on

    Once again Sentdex delivers the goods. Thanks for this series, Pandas is a bit of a blind spot for me.

  4. Luca Carbone on

    just want to say is so much better to follow u with JupiterNotebook! thanks for listening to us and for your lessons

  5. Simon Chemnitz-Thomsen on

    do you know if it is possible to just to convolution and use another classifier on the convoluted images?

  6. Tani Teigman on

    You can use the update method to map multiple inputs, just set them as the indices. See below snippet:

    # Unpivot the minimum wage data that was generated and set the mapping indices on both data frames
    min_wage_melted = pd.melt(act_min_wage.reset_index(), id_vars=’Year’, var_name=’State’).set_index([‘Year’, ‘State’])
    unemp_county_double_index = unemp_county.set_index([‘Year’, ‘State’])
    # Add the column to update(must match in both data frames)
    unemp_county_double_index[‘value’] =
    # Update method
    new_unemp_county = unemp_county_double_index.reset_index()
    # Same results in the value column.

    I also wanted to add that the map method can take a Series for the mapping using the index as the keys, no need to convert to a dictionary.

    Thanks so much for your tutorials! I got my start with python using your previous pandas tutorial.

  7. Mihai Sabadac on

    Great intro to pandas, thanks a lot! Now, I have a little problem, if anyone have some advice what to look after: At the merge step I get an error that at some point says: KeyError: ‘County’. I looked in the structure of both dataframes and they have this column…and all until this point is working well. I googled and got some discussions but not something to fix it. Thanks

  8. Rand Huso on

    Will you also be showing how to train ConvLSTM2D models? I have such a need and haven’t come across good instructions yet.

  9. Alina Beliakova on

    Hi Harrison, thank you so much for your tutorials. I noticed that there is someone from Istanbul plagiarizing your content. I don’t know if you already know that and if it bothers you but they LITERALLY copied your course ML tutorial with Python, I think you can find them easily though google search if you wish to claim your rights. All the best, gonna proceed watching your videos now 🙂

  10. grim reaper on

    well, after the numpy incident, I’m starting to believe that sentdex is a god from above, I mean, he gives us riches(information about programming), he helps us with our problems, and, he seems to have some mythical power over technology.


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