Creating Search Over Time Video Graphs – Data Analysis of Google Takeout p.2

Now that we have a database of our Google search terms over time, we are going to create graphs of the top 10 words for the last year, every day through history. This will give us an idea of changing macro trends over time for us. Later, we can do daily slides of say 30 day histories, or 7 day histories, which will give us ideas of more micro trends. Watching as topics come and go from the top 10 rankings can give us a pretty good idea of what’s going on in our thoughts while searching.

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  1. girish singh on

    Is it possible to make any type of app using kiwi that I can make with Java ?
    And is it good idea to use Python for app development?

  2. Sharan SP on

    OMG that 23 hours since the last upload seemed like forever to me. Really cool series you’ve started there mate!
    💗💗💗 From India

    Whats your age btw Harrison?

  3. Rabeez Riaz on

    It looks like the tab/space issue with Sublime seems to come up alot for you. You should add this line to your user settings JSON
    “translate_tabs_to_spaces”: true

  4. paschein on

    To get rid of the title showing in VLC open Tools -> Preferences -> Subtitles/OSD and uncheck the second option from the top “Show media title on start”. It’s enabled by default, and (one of the) bane(s) of my existence.

  5. g0rth0rTBL on

    Something with Google Maps location data would be awesome. I would love have my own computer tell me where I’m most likely to go today.

  6. ✪ bLeDy on

    Did you tried adding – “translate_tabs_to_spaces”: true – in sublime settings? Never had to deal with the tabs issue again. Hope it helps!

  7. T J on

    If you add a plt.close(‘all’) at the end of all the plt’s in you won’t get the error and it keeps running

  8. LucificD on

    you should’ve fixed the y-axis though in my opinion, cause now it looks like the value of the first word is never changing

  9. Gautam J on

    Please add plt.close() after plt.savefig()

    This frees a lot of memory and the script runs faster. (2000 MB of memory was used up before, and now just 100 MB)

  10. U.Nanda Coumar on

    Can you please add tutorial on TEXT ANALYTICS or text classification using tensorflow and keras ?

  11. Soumil Shah on

    Instead of waiting for all the images to save so you could animate them, you could just do
    To animate them as they are computed

  12. Paz fro on

    Hi, coming from a different tutorial, “TensorFlow Object Detection API”. I’m trying right now to find the bounding boxes coordinates and it isn’t working. please @sentdex can you do a short vid continuing the series and showing how to find the coordinates of the detection boxes or just add a comment or something, please

  13. Ghasak Mothafer on

    For Mac Users use: fourcc =‘m’, ‘p’, ‘4’, ‘v’)
    Thank you very much for such an awesome video, please continue your amazing work, looking forward to the next video.


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