Machine Learning with Scikit-learn – Data Analysis with Python and Pandas p.6

How to include the Pandas data analysis library into your machine learning workflow.

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  1. jaythizzle1969 on

    What’s the best, most cost effective way of finding a private tutor for python and also these second order topics?

  2. Shresth Rana on

    really love what you’re doing.
    Finished your Machine Learning tutorial series earlier this year and damn is it good. 😘♥️

  3. Oratile Khutsoane on

    I really like your tutorials, but i feel like they are not for beginners, because its like you assume we already know the stuff, therefore it becomes really tough to learn, as the information is kind of pre-set…and lastly i would like to know how you manage the thumbnails of the article cards on your website, you skipped that part on your django tutorials, file management seems to be a real problem, i would just like to know how you do it on your website.

  4. Henrique Velasco on

    Wouldn’t it be better to transform the categories into dummies instead of [1, 2, 3, …]??
    Since it is all linear algebra, the model assumes that 2 is twice as big as 1, 3 is three times bigger and so on.
    If you convert them into dummies, it simply assumes that it is different. You lose the order, but the order is already present on the relation to price.

  5. Shad Arf on

    Could you kindly not drink while you teach?!
    And thank you so much for your continuous efforts and making such high quality content videos, for which I’m grateful.

  6. iaarroniz on

    Simple way to avoid the negative predicted values is to transform the price to the log of price. This enables the estimation of a linear regression model with no negative predicted values by design.

  7. Ahmed Hany on

    Awesome ! Can I use deep learning on a dataset this size , since you said that for deep learning you need like 100k+ samples? So if I were to use deep learning neural networks on this , would I get good results ?

  8. Brandon Taylor on

    Great stuff. 🔥 … Can you make a vid on using selenium to remove lame youtube comments?!!? Asking for a friend =]

  9. Falob lobma on

    why do you need to drink so much? xD
    is it water ?
    thank you so much for your tutorial sir ! appriciate it so much

  10. Jason Shieh on

    Follow your web and tutorials for long time and thank you very much.
    But I got confused if this new series is the updated version of another one (data analysis with python and pandas , released in 2015)

  11. Nasseh Khodaie on

    Great tutorial as always. I had a question tho. Is the R**2 in sklearn same as Excel’s? If so, higher R**2 are better. That explains why you got better predictions with rbf.

  12. Mia Li on

    I appreciate your work as always! But as someone else also pointed out, some codes are not intro level friendly. For example, in the line: df[‘cut’].astype(‘category’), I didn’t know why cat was there and had to google it. It took me a few minutes to realize it’s a data accessor object. If you wound’t mind adding some quick explanation for the codes, that would make it easier to follow. But I’m satisfied with what you offered anyway. Keep up the good work!

  13. Tim on

    Can @Sentdex do a tutorial on publishing an AI services onto @singularity_net ? Just one AI BLOCKCHAIN tutorial please!

  14. Денис Галин on

    Do a lesson on creating your own deep learning framework. please or tell me where it can be studied

  15. Bassel Turky on

    Is there a way to order a RPi to execute a code for me without opening the terminal? I’m new to this.
    If you got any video of urs that talk about this point please give me a link of the video.
    Btw I’m working on graduation project which I need to control a drilling machine with (x, y) axis with RPi.
    I’m not sure if it’s the best option.
    Also, I like your videos so much 🙂

  16. ستيلو أ ورقة on

    hello my friend ;
    i have a question !
    wish is better a gaming laptop or pc for deep learning
    i have a limited budget


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